Water Main Failure

water main leak

Why I have a higher water bill than usual?

Your water main is the pipe that runs from the council meter carrying water to your home. With time these pipes can burst or develop slow leaks that may later rupture. If your water bill suddenly jumps up or you notice the water meter ticking over when there is nothing running in the house, you may have an issue with your water main. SEAL Plumbing & Gas Services can help identify the nature of the issue confronting you. Whatever the problem you need to act.

How can I find a leak?

Leaks in water mains are often difficult to see by eye:

  • Water could be escaping from the underground pipe and leaching away into the surrounding sub-soils or nearby drains.

  • Plumbers, like SEAL Plumbing & Gas Services, can use leak detection equipment to try to pinpoint the source of the leak.

  • With luck the problem can be located, unearthed and repaired. If there are multiple leaks and/or the leaks are too deep for the detection equipment it may be best to run a new water main.

Be sure to use a plumber that will take time to explain the problem and offer options to suit your budget. Agree a route for the new line in materials that are acceptable to you before allowing work to commence.

In the past water mains were run in galvanised pipe - these were prone to corrosion and breakdown over time. Water mains these days are typically run in blue 25mm MDPE. The pipe is buried 450mm below the surface to avoid accidental damage when you later dig the garden. The installation may involve cutting chases across paths or driveways or thrusting a new line to reach your home.

When replacing the water main it would be a good time to check the isolation valve is working correctly and to add a pressure limiting valve if there is not one currently installed. Your plumber should check these items as a matter of course.

When the installation is complete our plumber should also perform a ‘drop’ test. This checks that you are not losing water to leaks in the water main and/or house.  

If you have had a leaking water main repaired by a qualified plumber you may be eligible for a rebate from your water supplier. SEAL Plumbing & Gas Services can help you with the water main repair/replacement and the rebate application paperwork as well.

Remember if your water bill seems unusually high, question it. Unchecked it is like money running down your drain.