Gas Fitting

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Gas Repairs

  • Detecting and fixing gas leaks

  • New gas appliance installation

  • Hot water system upgrades

  • Emergency gas repairs

  • Replacing old or suspect gas pipework

  • Repair of burst or leaking gas hot water cylinders (Vulcan Freeloader…)

  • Gas maintenance for both commercial and domestic customers

  • Servicing natural gas & LPG appliances

  • Gas hob installations

Convert Electric to Gas Hot Water

In New Zealand the law requires a body of water to be stored at 65 degrees Celsius to reduce the risk of the potentially deadly Legionnaires disease (Clause G12 AS1 performance criteria).

For that reason all hot water cylinders sold in New Zealand must comply to this standard and include a thermostat that ensures the water in the tank maintains 65 degrees round the clock.

Once hot water is used inside your home a tempering valve will reduce that temperature back down to 55 degrees to prevent scalding and protect your plumbing.

  • By using an instantaneous gas water heater you bypass the above described energy loss all together! You only use energy to heat your water when it’s required. Water heating on demand.

  • Gas is the cheaper energy source. In some cases the difference in cost can be $0.20 cents per KW used! This will depend on the type of gas and circumstances of the installation.