+ Hot water cylinder leaking:

  • The issue could be with the cylinder, valving and/or pipework.
  • If the water is dripping from the overflow pipe call the SEAL Team. A slow drip can waste a surprising amount of water if you don’t act promptly.
  • If water is dripping from the base of the cylinder or from pipe entries call us to see if the unit is repairable.

+ Water pressure too low:

  • If you are on tank water check your filters are clear.
  • If you are on mains supply, make sure your isolation valve is fully open at the mains.
  • If these easy fixes don’t work call the experts at SEAL Plumbing & Gas Services to get it sorted. We can offer various options to suit you needs and your budget.

+ Water temperature too high:

  • It may be an electrical fault with the thermostat. Alternative you may need a new tempering valve, call us for assistance.

+ Excessive water bill:

  • You may have a faulty water meter but most likely a leak. SEAL Plumbing & Gas Services can advise the nature of your problem. The leak may be in the pipe from the meter to the house (i.e. the “water main”) and/or within your house. Whatever the source you need to act.
  • The SEAL Team can often detect leaks in buried pipes and once located, excavate and repair them. If, however, there are multiple leaks or the pipe is too deep it may be best to run a new water main. We will discuss the options and prices before undertaking any works.
  • If the leak is in your house, we can help locate and remedy the fault. Usual culprits are toilets that run on, taps or cylinders that leak. Some issues are easy to fix while others are more involved. Call us for advice and a free quote - we are happy to help.

+ Leak in my house:

  • If it is a serious leak shut off water to the house. Either turn the valve in the Toby Box off or turn off your water pump. Call SEAL Plumbing & Gas Services for advice and repair.
  • A slow leak over time can do serious damage to your home. Don’t put it on the back burner – get it sorted. Call us.

+ No hot water:

  • Is the hot water cylinder turned on? The switch may have been knocked off.
  • Check the fuse board. The circuit breaker should be on. Power companies sometime shut ripple relays down – check if this is the case.
  • If you still have an issue call the SEAL Team.

+ Blocked sink:

  • You could attempt to plunge the line but not too vigorously as you can damage pipework.
  • We do not recommend the use of acid (which we often see) as this often doesn’t eat through food scraps but can affect pipework and creates a hazard for technicians who are subsequently called on.
  • Best to call the professionals at SEAL Plumbing & Gas Services.

+ Toilet blocked:

  • You can attempt to plunger the line but this can put unnecessary pressure on joints. Best to call us.

+ Insinkerator trouble:

  • Check the unit has power.
  • Some models have a reset switch on the base. Check for the switch and use it.
  • Check for blockage, is there a spoon jamming up the works? If there is an obvious blockage remove it.
  • If the unit has an air switch check the air hose it attached and unimpeded.
  • Is water leaking from the unit – call SEAL Plumbing & Gas Services.
  • Is water backing up into the sink – the waste line may be blockedcall us.
  • If the unit is still not working call the SEAL Team.

+ I smell gas:

Isolate the gas at the supply. If the smell is in the house ventilate the house (providing it is safe to do so).

Natural Gas:

  • If you have Natural Gas there will be an isolation valve on or after the meter. Turn the gas off. Can you still smell gas? If there is a leak outside your property call the gas provider – eg. Genesis, Vector..etc. (NB. only use phone away from gas).
  • If isolating the gas stops the smell you have a gas leak on your property– Call SEAL Plumbing & Gas Services (NB. only use phone away from gas).


  • If you have LPG turn the gas off at the bottle – you can also turn the gas off on the auto changeover regulator (if you have one).
  • Turn the gas off. When the gas is off, check the bottle is securely connected to the system.

  • If you still have an issue or just want the peace of mind that all is okay, call us.

+ No gas hot water:

Infinity or gas storage units.

  • The unit is not functioning for some reason usually no gas, no water or no electricity.
  • Check it is it getting gas. If Natural Gas, is the isolation valve at the meter open? If LPG, is there gas in the bottle?
  • Many gas water heaters require power to ignite – check there is power to the house - check the circuit breaker to the unit. If in doubt call the SEAL Team.
  • Check the unit is getting water. Is water flowing into and out of the unit? If not call SEAL Plumbing and Gas Services.
  • If your fault does not fall into one of the categories above It may be time to service the gas hot water unit call us.

+ Bottles full but no gas:

  • If the valve on the bottle is closed, open it (ie. Turn anti-clockwise).
  • If you have an auto changeover regulator check the shut off valve is open.
  • If you still have an issue call SEAL Plumbing & Gas Services.

+ Hob not igniting:

  • Check the elements are correctly seated.
  • If LPG, is there gas in the bottle(s)? If not replace the gas bottle.
  • Is the ignitor sparking? If not, check the electrical connection is plugged in turned on under the bench.
  • If you still have an issue call SEAL Plumbing & Gas Services.
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