Health and Safety from a Client’s Perspective

Your home is a familiar environment but don’t allow that familiarity to lull you into underestimating potential risks when you embark on a building or renovation project.

A general principle is that if you call our workmen to do a job no harm should come to them or to you and your family in the process. Even when the primary duty of care lies with the contractor, you should not abdicate all responsibility for a safe outcome when calling Tradies in to work for you.

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Stephen Deacon
Blocked or Clogged Drain

Drains don’t work for several reasons, usually there is a blockage in the line, but they could also have been designed or built incorrectly. Given our strict building code and inspection regime let’s focus our discussion on blockages.

The number one enemy of a field drain is tree roots. Tree roots look for any weakness in your drains to access water and nutrients.  If they can find an opening, they will penetrate and expand to take advantage of elements critical to their survival. Sadly, for the homeowner

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Water Main Failure

Your water main is the pipe that runs from the council meter carrying water to your home. With time these pipes can burst or develop slow leaks that may later rupture. If your water bill suddenly jumps up or you notice the water meter ticking over when there is nothing running in the house, you may have an issue with you water main. SEAL Plumbing & Gas Services can help identify the nature of the issue confronting you. Whatever the problem you need to act.

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Certifying Plumber, Gas fitter and Drainlayer

It is important that your plumbing, gasfitting and drainage jobs are done by someone who has the skills and qualifications to do the work. This applies to work on your home, boat, campervan, horse float accommodation…etc..  Near enough is not good enough.

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Old Gas Hot Water System: Vulcan Freeloader, Ruud, Stellar

You may be familiar with gas hot water storage units by the brands Vulcan, Ruud, or Stellar. As they age they become increasingly expensive to run, repair and maintain.

These old hot water storage devices operate in a similar way to electric hot water cylinders. They have a pilot flame that burns continuously on standby until water in a tank falls below an accepted temperature at which time the pilot ignites the main burner which raises the reservoir temperature.

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High/Low Water Pressure

Excessive water pressure is a silent, ever-present threat to many of our homes.

The Council supplies reticulated water to our water meters. Water pressure can fluctuate during the day. The Council does not guarantee that the water pressure that they supply will be within accepted norms and if the water pressure is too high that’s your problem not theirs. It is the home owner’s responsibility to moderate the water pressure on their property.

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