Gas Infinity Hot Water

Gas Hot water Infinity System

Infinity with copper pipework

Infinity with copper pipework

A significant part of Seal Plumbing and Gas’ business involves gas hot water “Infinity” (califont) systems. These are normally externally mounted water heaters that run off either Natural Gas or bottled LPG.  They are increasingly popular as they are offer boundless hot water, are cheap to run, free up internal space, are compact, use proven and stable technology, and have a long life if properly installed and maintained.

Benefits of a new Infinity

The benefit of producing hot water when you need it is that you are not paying to keep a reservoir (tank) hot.  Energy is not wasted compensating for heat losses from a tank. Modern Infinity units are highly energy efficient and greater efficiency means lower running costs.

Another benefit of Infinity water heaters is that they will cope with sudden surges in demand. If relatives visit for the family wedding, you won’t run out of hot water- footie clubs use these devices. Your Infinity will work just as efficiently whether those ‘rellies’ are there or not.

Installing your gas Infinity

A new Infinity will require inputs of cold water, gas and a little electricity. They are happy with mains pressure water from town supply or from a pump if you have water tanks. The gas can be Natural Gas that may be piped past your door or LPG in 45 kg (or larger) bottles. The electricity is needed for the units’ built-in the electronic controls.

All gas installations must adhere to strict building regulations. Seal Plumbing and Gas Services have a skilled, qualified team with the experience and knowhow to supply and install your new gas Infinity or service your existing unit. We can explain the regulations to you: where the unit can be positioned and bottles (if needed) can be placed. We are fully licensed by PDG Board and will issue gas certificates for our work.   

Other Considerations

This blog is focused on externally mounted domestic Infinity units. There are also internal flued models available that we can help you with and options for larger commercial water heaters. If you have any questions about water heating call Seal Plumbing and Gas Services.

Infinity water heaters are very, very good though not miraculous. Sometimes people refer to them as instant gas hot water or hot water on demand – but we tend not to. Infinity units take an input of cold water and output hot water but if there is cold water sitting in the line between the unit and the tap you will still have to wait a few seconds for that clear (i.e. as you do with your old water heater).

If you are upgrading from an old gas storage unit (eg. Freeloader, Stellar, Ruud, ) you will already have gas pipework on site but the gas main may not be up to the task. These old devices slowly heated water and ran smaller burns to maintain their tank reservoirs hot.  The new Infinity units heat water quickly with a burst of energy. The gas main that runs from the meter or bottles has to have sufficient capacity for the new Infinity to deliver its “oomph”. For more see our blog on storage unit upgrade.

The Infinity has complex built in electronics: these require power. There must be an external 240V power socket nearby to power your new Infinity water heater’s controls. If a power point is not available, you should budget for one. The cost of the installation varies, normally it will be around $200 inc GST but this depends on the installation,. The cost may be a function of things such as the capacity of your switch board and distance of cabling.

You will get a quality installation from Seal Plumbing and Gas Services. If this unit is going to be visible on the side of your house don’t have it thrown up by a cowboy to save a buck. We pride ourselves on doing quality work at competitive rates. If you have an eye for detail and a neat job matters to you, then call us.  If you’d like copper pipework – no problem.

If you are considering an LPG installation talk to us about your gas/bottle provider. We can help with introductions and are often aware of discounts on offer.

There are many very good brands of Infinity units available. We work with all makes and models. If you are considering a new Rinnai, Rheem, Bosch, Thermann or similar Infinity gas hot water unit or want your existing Infinity serviced call Seal Plumbing and Gas Services today.