Old Gas Hot Water System: Vulcan Freeloader, Ruud, Stellar

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Storage Units vs Infinity Units

You may be familiar with gas hot water storage units by the brands Vulcan, Ruud, or Stellar. As they age they become increasingly expensive to run, repair and maintain.

These old hot water storage devices operate in a similar way to electric hot water cylinders. They have a pilot flame that burns continuously on standby until water in a tank falls below an accepted temperature at which time the pilot ignites the main burner which raises the reservoir temperature.

This is okay, but, it is inefficient. The pilot always burns and there are standing heat losses from the water tank.

The newer gas Infinity hot water units (NB. also referred to as califonts) are more efficient:

  • There is no reservoir, water is heated only as it is required.

  • They employ a burst of energy to rapidly lift water temperature.

  • Gas infinities offer significant running cost savings and performance benefits over the old gas hot water storage units.

If you are having problems with your old gas hot water storage unit consider moving to the new technology of an Infinity gas water heater. Call us to discuss options and ask for a free no-obligation quote.