Certifying Plumber, Gas fitter and Drainlayer

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Why do you need a certifying Plumber, Gas fitter and Drainlayer ?

It is important that your plumbing, gasfitting and drainage jobs are done by someone who has the skills and qualifications to do the work. This applies to work on your home, business, boat, campervan, horse float accommodation…etc..  Near enough is not good enough.

Here are some recent examples of gas explosions that have destroyed New Zealand  houses, boats, and motorhomes:

The Plumbers, Drainlayers and Gas fitters Board (PDGB) hold licensing information on all New Zealand tradesman who work in these fields.

Ask to see your tradesman’s NZ practising license and read it. If in doubt talk to PDGB on 0800 743 262.

For up to date information you can check the Public Register to be sure the person you are dealing with is all they claim to be.

The licensing hierarchy is as follows (from low to high):

  1. Exemption under supervision – unregistered tradesperson working under supervision of a Certifying tradesman;

  2. Licensed Certificate Trainee – an apprentice or someone training under supervision of a Certifying tradesman;

  3. Journeyman Tradesman – someone who has passed a trade qualification but not the PDGB Licensing exam. Working under supervision of a Certifying tradesman;

  4. Licensed Tradesman – a journeyman tradesman who has completed an apprenticeship and is registered working under the supervision of a Certifying tradesman.

  5. Certifying tradesman – an experienced Licensed tradesman who has passed professional standard examinations and can certify that work meets code without recourse to council inspectors.

The NZ Herald recently summarised the serious downside of using cowboy operators.

The same goes for DIYers; what seems straight forward in a back bar conversation will likely not pan out in practice - “A little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing”. For those who believe the ‘can do’ attitude is part of our pioneering heritage and therefore are willing to give anything a crack- when it comes to plumbing, gas fitting and drain laying “Dont !” - try macrame instead. .

If work is performed by an unqualified person your home and family could be at risk, your insurances and warrantees void and the work may need to be redone. Unlicensed tradesman and well-meaning DIY’ers are liable for stiff penalties. A Tradesmen who is not upfront about their qualifications, or lack thereof, should not be trusted to do the job right. Life is so much easier and safer if you use qualified tradesmen and this means checking their PDGB Practising License Card up front.