Blocked or Clogged Drain


Drains don’t work for several reasons, usually there is a blockage in the line, but they could also have been designed or built incorrectly. Given our strict building code and inspection regime let’s focus our discussion on blockages.


Tree roots

The number one enemy of a field drain is tree roots. Tree roots look for any weakness in your drains to access water and nutrients.  If they can find an opening, they will penetrate and expand to take advantage of elements critical to their survival. Sadly, for the homeowner a flourishing garden may be coming at the cost of backed up pipework. Some trees, such as Willows, are renown for their rapid growth and invasive rooting system. If you have a willow we can clear their roots from your drain but they (and consequently we) will be back.

In the past locating the blockages was more down to luck than to science but today we can camera drain lines, check for structural integrity and locate points of root ingress. Roots can be cut or hydrojetted clear and pipes can be repaired.

When you plan a garden, it could pay to consider the root structure of the plants on offer. If you are tossing up between two tree varieties opt for the plant that is gentler on your drainage infrastructure or if you have you heart set on a willow or poplar then plant it away from the drains.

There are numerous other causes of a blocked drain: hair, grease, sewage build ups, foreign objects,…etc. The team at Seal plumbing have the experience and tools to clear your drain blockages and if needs be arrange to repair your pipework.


Lost valuables

There are also times when Seal plumbing are called on to retrieve valuables, such as wedding rings, that have accidentally disappeared down the sink. If this happens stay calm and do not add water to the drain. With luck your valuable will be lodged in the u-bend under the sink. Seal plumbing can check the pipework. If your valuable is not in the u-bend, we can camera the drain to track errant objects further down the line and have the skills to cut into the pipe to retrieve items with minimal disturbance to the system.


Regular maintenance

Free running drains are things we all take for granted until they stop working. If a waste line isn’t functioning as well as it has in the past, it is time to investigate it before the system stops taking what you want it to take away. Gutters, gully traps and storm water pits should be clear of debris. If you notice a build-up of leaves (or rank grass or other debris) around these drain heads they will not work efficiently when you need them to. Summer is a great time to inspect the drains before the heavy rains of Autumn and Spring – but year round regular checking is best. When the weather turns for the worst expert drain clearers, like Seal Plumbing, are in high demand: avoid disappointment, be pre-emptive, call the Seal team to check your drains today.


Why SEAL Plumbing?

Deal with experts with the equipment, experience and know-how to clear your drains. Seal Plumbing is a one stop shop for all your drain inspection, clearing and repair needs.

We own and operate state of the art remote drain cameraing equipment. Our specialist blasting rig is equipped with extended hosing to reach the dark depths of your drainage system.

We can cut and hydrojet tree roots that have entered your drains. We can suck out and dispose of sewage or grease that is gumming up the works. We can pinpoint problem areas and provide images and data to support your insurance claims. And, we can track down lost valuables that you may have feared were gone forever “down the gurgler”. Call the friendly team at Seal plumbing today for all of your drainage needs.