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Water Main Failure

Your water main is the pipe that runs from the council meter carrying water to your home. With time these pipes can burst or develop slow leaks that may later rupture. If your water bill suddenly jumps up or you notice the water meter ticking over when there is nothing running in the house, you may have an issue with you water main. SEAL Plumbing & Gas Services can help identify the nature of the issue confronting you. Whatever the problem you need to act.

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High/Low Water Pressure

Excessive water pressure is a silent, ever-present threat to many of our homes.

The Council supplies reticulated water to our water meters. Water pressure can fluctuate during the day. The Council does not guarantee that the water pressure that they supply will be within accepted norms and if the water pressure is too high that’s your problem not theirs. It is the home owner’s responsibility to moderate the water pressure on their property.

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